Project Counsulting

We at PPIPL do provide full range of advisory services for new entrants & experienced clients in major thrust areas. With the sort of experience and exposure the team has, PPIPL delivers the best, in terms of professional advisory services to clients. Right from understanding your requirements & goals to the right launching of project optimally, ultimately resulting into a successful venture is our motto.

Agro Projects- Horticulture cultivation  & Food Processing Industry:

Agribusiness is like a goldmine having unlimited potential for growth in India. Looking at the Govt. focus on growth of agro-sector to make agro-projects more feasible by offering- Viability Gap Funding , capital investment subsidies, interest subsidies and concessional finance/liberalized finance to entrepreneurs for setting up agro projects with national / global hi-tech methods , PPIPL have already identified potential Agro Projects which can fetch handsome returns to the clients. 

Aviation & Defence

In the recent past the Government of India as well as many State Governments in India have liberalized the Aviation & Defence manufacturing and supply of equipments and materials policies looking at the importance of Aviation & Defence.

The revised Aviation & Defence policy has opened up gates for eligible entrepreneurs to set up manufacturing units as well as supply of equipments in the area of Aerospace systems, Missile and weapons systems, Naval systems, Land systems and electronic systems.

At this juncture of opening of Aviation & Defence sector, we have identified Aircraft MRO, Naval Ammunition ,Component Manufacturing, Ammunition Filling Plants, Artillery Projectiles, Artillery Propulsion, Artillery Systems, Turrets for Armoured Vehicles , Energetic Materials and Ball Powders, Light Weapons, Missiles and Standoff Weapons, Brass Products and Ammunition Components, Pyrotechnics, , Hunting and Sporting Ammunition , Heavy Calibre Ammunition, Small and Medium Calibre Ammunition, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) subject to DRDO approval Govt of India.

The Aviation & Defence sector has in India has drawn the attention of global community to set up their shops at this right time.

Infrastructure Projects

With the present accelerated growth in infrastructure industry due to globalization, liberalized FDI , ECB, NRI inflows, Govt. policies highly conducive and the acute inadequacy of infrastructure in the areas of agriculture , Food Processing, Backward –Forward Integration etc. as compared to other developed nations, it is time for entrepreneurs & corporate to encash this mammoth opportunity arisen in India. We at PPIPL extend consulting services on Infrastucture projects including PPP Models & SMEs.

Power Projects

Looking at the global warming, power shortage and the consequent realization by the Govt. bodies about importance of eco friendly power generation through wind mills, solar power & biomass, it has gained utmost importance. Under present power policy anybody is free to set up power generation plant for captive consumption, for sale to private parties as well as to State Govt. bodies It is being used as a major tax planning tool also.. Considering this big opportunity PPIPL has specialized in this area.

Travel & Hospitality

As India is exposed globally-socially, economically and politically due to reforms, the scope for travel and hospitality has increased manifold .We at PPIPL have assessed the quantum of potential in this industry on the basis of our surveys. There is enough scope for quality hotels (3-star & above), motels, resorts, ferry services, cruises, hovercrafts and catamaran in India.

Project Finance

Finance & Accounting is the base of all the business entities. No business can succeed at national or international level without proper finance structure and proper accounting. At PPIPL we provide the services such as framing capital structure, calculate various ratios to help measuring efficiency, prepare project reports for procuring  finance and also provide the guidelines and procedure to implement proper accounting method and help to develop the accounting system.

In the present growing economy, the investment in projects is substantially high, to encourage new feasible projects, many national and international institutions are financing for the purpose of development of the nation and the world at large. We at PPIPL have enough experience of mobilizing requisite finance for various projects from Banks, Financial Institutions as well financing bodies. We do assist  our clients  for mobilising  working capital , Term Loan, L/C facilities etc for making the projects successful.


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